Exhibition: 16 January ­‐ 27 March 2016, ArtScience Musuem
Awards: 19 January 2016, Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands



Genevieve Chua




Genevieve Chua (b. 1984) focuses on the “wilderness” as a nebulous feminine creature that seeks to repossess urban environments by natural calamities. She uses aspects of natural history as metaphor and allegory to hark back to ongoing thematic concerns about fear, wilderness, control and the loss of control. While her paintings are constituted by conventional components like canvas, wooden stretchers, primer and paint, they use printmaking techniques and assume a variety of sculptural forms, which may or may not be bound to the wall.

Selected solo exhibitions include Moths (Hong Kong, 2015); Parabola (Singapore, 2014) Cicadas Cicadas (Los Angeles, 2014); Birthing Ground not a Sound (Singapore, 2012) and Adinandra Belukar at the Singapore Biennale (2011). The artist was a recipient of the Young Artist Award in 2012 conferred by the National Arts Council, Singapore.