Exhibition: 16 January ­‐ 27 March 2016, ArtScience Musuem
Awards: 19 January 2016, Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands



Christine Ay Tjoe


Christine Ay Tjoe is an Indonesian female artist especially known for her intricate layered paintings full of colorful shapes and strong linear strokes. Her career also spans soft sculptures, kinetic art and large scale installations. With her earlier experiments in drypoint technique, she cultivated her sharp, fluent and vigorous lines. To produce the same effect on her tableaux she uses protean oil-bars, melding figuration and abstraction.

While Indonesia continues to hold fast to constricting traditional values, Ay Tjoe does not hesitate to express her inner feelings such as melancholy, struggle, pain and happiness through her art, eliminating these phases of personal life through her rooted compositions. Unlike earlier generations and even contemporaries of Indonesian artists who are drawn towards political satire, Ay Tjoe’s works tend to be less political. Instead, her interests have circulated around the extensive issues of personal human life. Her works highlight universal issues in modern society and human existence, and her art is a modern allegory creating an opportunity for each of us to face ourselves.

Born in 1973, Christine Ay Tjoe lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia. Her works have been the subject of many international exhibitions, including Singapore Art Museum (2012) and Saatchi Gallery (London, 2011).